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In April 2008, a workgroup of water resource agencies in the Santa Ana Watershed was convened by the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority to work cooperatively with the Regional Board to investigate “emerging constituents” and determine which emerging constituents may be important to assure water quality protection in the Santa Ana River Watershed. The term “emerging constituents” used by the workgroup is synonymous with similar phrases used to describe the same phenomena such as emerging contaminants of concern, chemicals of emerging concern (CEC), micro-constituents, micropollutants, trace organics, etc. These other phrases may mistakenly imply that it is the concern that is emerging rather than the knowledge that certain chemicals may be present in a water sample. Similarly, referring to such compounds as emerging pollutants or emerging contaminants may mistakenly imply that the levels detected are a pollutant or contaminant of concern. Consequently, the term “emerging constituents” is used throughout this Agreement to identify the focus of the Task Force efforts.

In 2007, a workgroup was formed among the water recharging agencies and POTWs to address a characterization program for emerging constituents. SAWPA was requested to administer the development of a two-phased study approach. The Emerging Constituents Workgroup study effort was separated in two phases.

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January 22, 2024


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February 25, 2020
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Phase 1 – covered current water quality monitoring programs, regulatory issues, stakeholder concerns, analytical methods, and the state-of-the-science with respect to potential public health & environmental impacts. This phase culminated in a written report submitted to the Regional Board in Dec. 2008 characterizing the Workgroup’s preliminary findings.
Phase 1 Report

Phase 2 – reflects the results of ongoing Emerging Constituents characterization studies and other related evaluations to define an Emerging Constituents Investigative plan for the RWQCB approval by Dec. 2009.
Phase 2 Report


Presentation NameAuthorDate
Orange County PFAS UpdateOrange County Water DistrictDecember 17, 2019
EC and PFAs Sampling Results - August 2019SAWPADecember 17, 2019
PFAS, PFOA, and PFOS in Orange CountyOrange County Water DistrictJune 2 , 2019
EC Task Force Social Media ServicesDegrave Communications, Inc. June 2, 2019
2010 EC Sampling Results Presentation Risk Sciences December 20, 2010
State’s Water Recycling Policy Attachment Risk Sciences August 22, 2012
Golf Course Research Project WERF1C08 Findings to DateWERFApril 21, 2010
Contaminants of Emerging ConcernSuzanne RudzinskiApril 28, 2009
Pharmaceuticals and Endocrine DisruptorsShane SnyderApril 28, 2009
State of the ScienceDaniel SchlenkApril 28, 2009
Managing CEC’s in CaliforniaTam DoducApril 28, 2009
Green Chemistry InitiativeMaziar MovassaghiApril 28, 2009
Managing Contaminants of Emerging ConcernJoyce DonohueApril 28, 2009
Lessons LearnedY. Carrie Gou
Steven Fitzsimmons
March 29, 2009

For further information about this project, please contact:

Rachel M. Gray
Water Resources and Planning Manager

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