GIS Tools

SAWPA GIS tools consist of downloadable data, live maps and applications, and static map galleries.

GIS Data

GIS Layers

GIS map of GIS Layers

GIS layers commonly used by SAWPA including water facilities, hydrologic features and jurisdictional boundaries.

Surface Water Monitoring Data

GIS map of Surface Water Monitoring Data

Analytical data from CEDEN database(through 3/15/2019) for Middle Santa Ana River TMDL Monitoring Program, San Jacinto Watershed-wide Monitoring Program, and Santa Ana River Regional Bacteria Monitoring Program. GIS file of station monitoring locations.

Santa Ana River Annual Report

GIS map of Santa Ana River Annual Report

Analytical data used to compile the Santa Ana River Annual Water Quality Report (2006 -2019).

Evapotranspiration (ET) Data

GIS map of Evapotranspiration (ET) Data

Includes Total Monthly ET data for locations in the Santa Ana River Watershed, and Upper Santa Margarita Watershed, and South Orange County. Monthly ET is calculated from daily ET downloaded from spatial CIMIS. Data is in file geodatabase format with attribute table containing the monthly ET data.

GIS Live Maps and Applications

Brine Line Mapping Tools

GIS map of Brine Line Mapping Tools

Live maps showing brine line service area and land use zoning near the line for potential customers. Charts showing discharge volume and salt removal statistics for the line.

Water Body Beneficial Uses

GIS map of Water Body Beneficial Uses

View beneficial uses and water quality objectives for Rivers, Lakes, Bays, Wetlands and Groundwater Management Zones designated in the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board Basin Plan.

Water Agency and City Locator

GIS map of Water Agency and City Locator

View water agency and city boundaries. Search for agencies by type and download GIS files of boundaries.

SAWPA’s ArcGIS Online Website

GIS map of SAWPA’s ArcGIS Online Website

Story maps explaining history and functions of SAWPA.

General Watershed Location

GIS map of General Watershed Location

Topography, Surface Water

GIS map of Topography, Surface Water

Fault Systems

GIS map of Fault Systems

Santa Ana River Reaches

GIS map of Santa Ana River Reaches

Surface Waters (Rivers, Lakes)

GIS map of Surface Waters (Rivers, Lakes)

Groundwater Mgmt Zones

GIS map of Groundwater Mgmt Zones

Groundwater Bearing Areas

GIS map of Groundwater Bearing Areas

Average Rainfall

GIS map of Average Rainfall

Jurisdictional Boundaries

GIS map of Jurisdictional Boundaries

SAWPA Member Agencies

GIS map of SAWPA Member Agencies

Tribal Reservations

GIS map of Tribal Reservations

Water Retailers

GIS map of Water Retailers

Water Related Agencies

GIS map of Water Related Agencies

Impaired Water Bodies

GIS map of Impaired Water Bodies

TMDL Projects

GIS map of TMDL Projects

Ambient GroundH20 Quality-TDS

GIS map of Ambient GroundH20 Quality-TDS

Ambient GroundH20 Quality-NO3

GIS map of Ambient GroundH20 Quality-NO3

Groundwater Contaminant Plumes

GIS map of Groundwater Contaminant Plumes

Salinity Management

GIS map of Salinity Management

Brine Line

GIS map of Brine Line

Regional Infrastructure

GIS map of Regional Infrastructure

Groundwater Recharge Facilities

GIS map of Groundwater Recharge Facilities

Wastewater Treatment and Desalters

GIS map of Wastewater Treatment and Desalters

Water Resources

GIS map of Water Resources

Artificial Recharge and Desalters

GIS map of Artificial Recharge and Desalters

Recycled Water System

GIS map of Recycled Water System

Imported Water Infrastructure

GIS map of Imported Water Infrastructure

Flood Control Facilities

GIS map of Flood Control Facilities

Endangered Species Occurrence

GIS map of Endangered Species Occurrence

Constructed Wetlands

GIS map of Constructed Wetlands

California Protected Areas Database

GIS map of California Protected Areas Database

Forest Areas

GIS map of Forest Areas

Critical Habitat

GIS map of Critical Habitat

Open Space, Parks and Trails

GIS map of Open Space, Parks and Trails

Major Fires 2003 – 2017

GIS map of Major Fires 2003 – 2017

Santa Ana River Trail

GIS map of Santa Ana River Trail

Arundo Removal Project Boundaries

GIS map of Arundo Removal Project Boundaries

Land Use

GIS map of Land Use

Disadvantaged Communities

GIS map of Disadvantaged Communities

Population Density 2020

GIS map of Population Density 2020

List View

Brine Line Map Gallery

Brine Line System

GIS map of Brine Line System

Brine Line Service Area

GIS map of Brine Line Service Area

Brine Line Dump Stations

GIS map of Brine Line Dump Stations

Brine Line Collection Stations

GIS map of Brine Line Collection Stations

Government Map Gallery

Maps showing boundaries of California and US Congressional representatives for the Santa Ana River Watershed area. Representative name and contact information also provided.

California Assembly

GIS map of California Assembly

California Senate

GIS map of California Senate

US Congress

GIS map of US Congress

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