Requests for Utility Location Information

The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority operates the Inland Empire Brine Line (Brine Line), which provides a facility for exporting salt from inland areas to the ocean. If you have a proposed project within the vicinity of the Brine Line please view the construction drawings. First, complete and submit the data request form below. You will then be emailed a username and password to access our Brine Line online mapping tool through the following link:

If you would like to submit a utility request letter, please send to SAWPA at 11615 Sterling Avenue, Riverside, CA 92503, Attn: David Ruhl.

Note that the Brine Line record drawings are not “as-built” drawings and are provided for informational purposes only and may not be accurate. Actual locations must be determined and verified through permitted “pothole” investigations. SAWPA does not warrant the accuracy of these record drawings and has not verified the locations or existence of the depicted facilities.

View Zip codes Within the Brine Line Service Area

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