Inland Empire Brine Line

The Inland Empire Brine Line is an effective and economical way to dispose of salty wastewater, which is sometimes produced through manufacturing and water treatment processes. Salt removal is important for protecting water quality and meeting regulatory requirements. Like much of the Inland Empire, wastewater treatment plants in inland areas have total dissolved solids (TDS) restrictions, which may prevent your industry from discharging its waste to the municipal sewer.

The Brine Line removes 500,000 pounds of salt per day from the watershed by transporting salty wastewater to a wastewater treatment plant operated by the Orange County Sanitation District. After treatment, the water is discharged into the Pacific Ocean. With the Brine Line, businesses can now dispose of salty wastewater locally at a substantial cost savings, without trucking it outside of the region.

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Protecting the Watershed

The Brine Line offers many benefits to the Santa Ana River Watershed, including:

  • Allows industries that produce salty waste water high in total dissolved solids to locate their operations inland, away from the coast.
  • Enables customers to utilize the highest levels of water conservation, which allows better use of groundwater resources and expands the ability to reclaim water.
  • Protects and improves groundwater quality through salt and contaminant removal.
  • Currently removes 500,000 pounds of salt per day from the Inland Empire portion of the watershed.

Two Ways to Connect

Truck Disposal

  • Customers who typically generate a small amount of salty wastewater or who cannot connect directly to the Brine Line due to location.
  • Disposal of salty wastewater occurs at one of the four Brine Line Collection Stations using a permitted trucker. Click here to find a complete list of permitted salty wastewater haulers.
  • Everyone within the SAWPA service area is within 20 miles of a Collection Station (view map).

Direct Disposal

Customers who produce a higher volume of salty wastewater and are located close enough to construct a direct Brine Line connection.

Your waste must meet established limits for certain elements. Click here to view disposal limits.

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