About Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority – SAWPA

The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) was formed in 1968 as a joint power authority under California law, composed of five member agencies; Eastern Municipal Water District, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Orange County Water District, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, and Western Municipal Water District.

SAWPA focuses on a broad range of water resource issues including water supply reliability, water quality improvement, recycled water, wastewater treatment, groundwater management, brine disposal, and integrated regional planning.

Its stated mission is to develop and maintain regional plans, programs, and projects that will protect the Santa Ana River basin water resources to maximize beneficial uses within the watershed in an economically and environmentally responsible manner.

SAWPA Member Agencies

SAWPA is a Joint Powers Authority that delivers regional water solutions supporting its member agencies. The authority plans and builds multi-benefit projects increasing water supply, protecting water quality, providing recreation opportunities and restoring the environment of the Santa Ana River Watershed.

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