OWOW Steering Committee

The OWOW Steering Committee has 11 members including elected officials from counties and cities in the watershed, representatives from the environmental advocacy, and business communities, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and representatives from SAWPA.

The Steering Committee develops integrated regional water management goals and objectives for the watershed, oversees strategic decision-making, crafts and adopts programmatic suites of project recommendations, and provides program advocacy necessary to optimize water resource protection for all. The SAWPA Commission, as the state-approved Regional Water Management Group, considers and ratifies the decisions of the OWOW Steering Committee.

Supervisor Representatives

Municipal Representatives

Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority Representatives

Business Community Representative

Environmental Community Representative

Regional Water Quality Control Board Representative

  • Vicente Sarmiento
    Orange County Supervisor

    Jesse Armendarez
    San Bernardino County Supervisor

    Karen Spiegel
    Riverside County Supervisor

  • Nicholas Dunlap
    Orange County

    Wes Speake
    Riverside County

    Deborah Robertson
    San Bernardino County

  • Brenda Dennstedt (Convener)
    Western Municipal Water District

    T. Milford Harrison
    San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District

  • James Hessler
    Altman Plants

  • Garry W. Brown
    Orange County Coastkeeper

  • William "Bill" Ruh
    Board Member Santa Ana Region

Regular OWOW Steering Committee meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and the third Thursday of November, at 11:00 a.m., in the SAWPA Board Room, 11615 Sterling Avenue, Riverside, CA 92503.

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