Stormwater Quality Standards Task Force

The Stormwater Quality Standards Task Force includes representatives from local counties, cities, environmental groups, the Santa Ana Water Quality Control Board, and others interested in water quality issues within the Santa Ana Watershed. The Task Force proposed a phased workplan to re-evaluate water quality standards as they relate to stormwater and dry weather flows within the watershed that are necessary to protect recreational beneficial uses.

The Task Force was formed in 2003 to assist the Regional Board in providing the scientific and technical basis for modifications to existing bacteria quality objectives for recreational uses. In addition to recommendations for new objectives based on the best available science, the Task Force work has led to recommendations for changes in recreational use designations and implementation strategies. The Task Force work effort includes basin-wide assessment of the current conditions of receiving waters, the nature of recreational uses, and areas where additional data or information are needed. The work of this Task Force has resulted in one of the Country’s most detailed photographic data collection efforts regarding recreational use. SAWPA serves as administrator of this Task Force.

Agendas and Meeting Materials

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The Santa Ana River Watershed is located in southern California, south and east of the city of Los Angeles. The watershed includes much of Orange County, the northwestern corner of Riverside County, the southwestern corner of San Bernardino County, and a small portion of Los Angeles County. The EPA identifies the San Jacinto watershed as a separate watershed; for SAWPA’s purposes, the San Jacinto watershed is considered to be part of the Santa Ana River watershed. The watershed is bounded on the south by the Santa Margarita watershed, on the east by the Salton Sea and Southern Mojave watersheds, and on the north/west by the Mojave and San Gabriel watersheds. The watershed is approximately 2,800 square miles in area.

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