Santa Ana River Trail & Parkway (Crest to Coast Trail)

SAWPA has been working with other public agencies and organizations in the effort to complete the entire Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway, also known as the Santa Ana River Crest-to-Coast Trail, and add parkway elements to the river.

The Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway is a planned 100-mile long recreational trail extending from the crest of the San Bernardino Mountains to the coast of the Pacific Ocean. When completed the trail and parkway will run through three counties; San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange; 15 cities; and multiple special jurisdictions.

SAWPA’s participation in completing the trail and park has been underway since 2001 when SAWPA served as the consulting agency for the three counties which were collaborating on trail and parkway projects. Since execution of an Memorandum of Understanding in 2006 among the three counties of Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino, SAWPA and the Wildlands Conservancy, SAWPA has participated in a working group called the as the Santa Ana River Trail Policy Advisory Group (PAG) which includes elected representatives from the three counties as well as representatives from SAWPA and the Wildlands Conservancy. In support of the PAG, SAWPA participated as a member of the technical advisory committee that advised the PAG.

It 2014, Senate Bill 1390 created the Santa Ana River Conservancy which is taking an active role in the trail and parkway completion. SAWPA is a member of the Parkway and Open Space Plan Technical Advisory Committee which makes recommendations to the Coastal Conservancy on development of the Plan, identifying project selection criteria and projects for inclusion in the Plan. Development of the Plan is a requirement under Senate Bill 1390.

To learn more about the trail, parkway or the Parkway and Open Space Plan Technical Advisory Committee, please contact SAWPA’s Planning Department at (951) 354-4220. Information on the Santa Ana River Conservancy can be found on the Coastal Conservancy’s webpage.

SAWPA is pleased to announce the launch of Santa Ana River Watershed educational signage project. In December 2017, 64 educational signs were erected throughout the Watershed.

The signs, designed and installed by Bri Communications, include a map of the watershed, and the location of major cities and waterways such as river and lakes.

To find the location of the signs, use this SAWPA mapping tool. Note: locations of signs are approximate.

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