Request for Proposals Imagery Acquisition 2021

The primary purpose of this RFP is to obtain 2021 digital color four-band (R, G, B, and NIR1) imagery that can be used for software vegetation analysis within the Area of Interest (AOI) shown in Exhibit D. The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) is also seeking to obtain detailed surface elevation models as described in Section 3.6 for to-be determined areas within the AOI shown in Exhibit E. These surface elevation models will be used to calculate sloped area of parcels and slope area correction factors for the parcels.

Proposals must be submitted by email in a PDF format. Emails are limited to 6 MB. Facsimile machine (FAX) or mailed proposals will not be accepted. Interested and qualified firms shall send an official email with proposal attachment or attachments. All proposals must be received by SAWPA by 5:00 pm PST March 9, 2021. Proof of receipt before the deadline is a time and date receipt on the email. It is the responsibility of the firm replying to this RFP to see that any proposal shall have sufficient time to be received by SAWPA. For more information review Section 5 of the RFP document. There will be no public bid opening.

Click below for RFP Documents:

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