Request for Proposals – CA IRWM Roundtable of Regions Network Coordinator

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority requests proposals from qualified professionals to serve a one-year renewable term as Network Coordinator to facilitate the ongoing work of the California Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Roundtable of Regions. Roundtable of Regions is an informal but well-established collaborative of representatives from organizations and agencies engaged in the current, ongoing and future success of the Integrated Regional Water Management Program in California.  This role will be as consultant to SAWPA, but the position will be collaboratively funded by and in service to the participants in the Roundtable of Regions. Decisions about work carried out by the consultant will be made by the Roundtable of Regions participants through a management team of two Roundtable members and a SAWPA staff representative, within the boundaries of the consultant contract with SAWPA.

Submit only an electronic copy of the proposal and related information as a single .pdf file to Mike Antos, Senior Watershed Manager ( Proposals must be received by 1:00 p.m. January 29, 2019. Proposals received after the stated time will be deleted and not considered. A panel composed of SAWPA staff and Roundtable of Regions participants will review proposals. If interviews are needed, proposers will be contacted to schedule a telephone meeting for February 4, 2019. If additional information is needed, email Mike Antos at Questions must be asked by January 10,2019. All questions and answers will be posted at

Please see the full RFP packet, downloadable at the link above.


Question: “…wonder if you can share the name of the existing consultant is, where I could find a list of regions members included, and the existing website.”

Answer: This is a new role, there isn’t an existing consultant.  There isn’t a public list of which of the regions are participating, nor is there a current website. If you visit the site below, you can see the ~50 regions across the state, but know that not all of them are currently active in the Roundtable (though the active ones aspire to having everyone participate.)  You need to click through to the map application, then on the right scroll down and turn on the “IRWM Regions” layer.


Question: The bullet point “Compensation Budget” on page 4 states that the budget should include costs relating to material, travel, and technological costs. Does this include costs for website development and costs relating to development of a summit (e.g. invitations, venue fees, printing, compensation for guest speakers)? In the past, the summit has been free for all interested participants, correct?

Answer:  If your proposal will include non-personnel website development costs you should document them. Past summits have been free to attend but with a lunch charge, often hosted by a large agency so room space does not have a cost.  Program development has been the work of Roundtable participants, and travel to the event was covered by each participant.  We have not compensated guest speakers before, but that is not necessarily a rigid position.


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