2015 Proposition 84 IRWM Implementation Grant

Projects Awarded Under Prop 84 2015 Round Funds

Based on the list of submitted projects seeking grant funding for implementation and using the predefined OWOW project selection criteria, an independent Project Review Committee composed of three committee members selected for their knowledge of water, both technically and at a policy level, and leadership in developing integrated approaches to problem solving, and their knowledge of the Santa Ana River Watershed, conducted a review of the projects and interviews of the top ranked projects and selected a portfolio of three projects to be funded that best served the regional interests of the Santa Ana River Watershed. The projects were subsequently presented to the OWOW Steering Committee and SAWPA Commission and were approved to be submitted to DWR for grant funding from the Santa Ana River Watershed.

The 2015 Implementation Project list is visible here

Orange County Sanitation District – Grant Amount: $1,000,000

This project will replace a sewer line along State College Boulevard from Yorba Linda Boulevard to Orangewood Avenue in the cities of Anaheim and Fullerton. The project is divided in two phases: A and B. Phase A begins construction May 2016 and lasts approximately 18 months. Phase B construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in Winter 2018.

To learn more visit http://www.ocsd.com/residents/current-construction/newhope-sewer-replacement/-arch-1.

Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District – Grant Amount: $5,054,302

The 2015 Integrated Watershed Protection Program is a three part project:

San Jacinto River, Stage 4, Phase 1 – will install an approximately 2.5 mile long and approximately 10-12 feet high river levee in western Riverside County will pro vide all-weather access into and out of the San Jacinto Valley in western Riverside County and remove approximately 967 acres and approximately 445 structures from the San Jacinto River 100-year floodplain. This component will also increase the hydraulic capacity under the existing State Street Bridge, and protect the State Street Bridge from damage during high flow events.

Bautista Optimization Pond – will expand upon the existing recharge facilities, which include a series of 6 recharge ponds constructed adjacent to Bautista Channel, by constructing six new basins and their corresponding inlet and outlet facilities within an approximate 16-acre site with an approximate benefit of 1,200 acre feet per year.

Beaumont MDP-Line 16 – will install an approximately 6,800 foot reinforced concrete water conveyance pipeline that will connect recharge ponds owned and operated by the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District to areas that collect stormwater from a tributary area of approximately 500 acres.

Multi-Agency Collaboration – Grant Amount $55,000,000

SARCCUP is a multi-agency, watershed-wide conjunctive use program creating a new groundwater bank that totals approximately 137,000-acre feet (AF) through joint agency agreements and new facilities in the Santa Ana River Watershed. SARCCUP also includes an approximately 640-acre habitat improvement component and a focus on saving 400 AF per year through efficiency programs. An additional 2.8 stream miles of habitat will be created to benefit the federally listed native fish, the Santa Ana sucker.  Multiple agencies include Easter Municipal Water District, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Orange County Water District, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, Western Municipal Water District, Orange County Coastkeeper, and SAWPA have collaborated and are partners on this project.

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