Reach IV and Reach IV-B Pipeline Inspection & Condition Assessment


Reach IV, the oldest part of the Brine Line constructed in 1975, requires a condition assessment to determine its reliability and performance. This assessment will help identify any potential issues and necessary actions to prolong the system’s remaining useful life. Reach IVB, a section of Reach IV measuring 8,500 feet, was built with 36” cement-mortar lined Ductile Iron Pipe in the late 1990s and is now over 20 years old. To understand the reliability and performance of Reach IVB, a condition assessment is also necessary. The main factor that can affect the pipe’s structural integrity is corrosion, both externally and internally. Over time, the lining system may develop defects due to wear, scaling, water chemistry, and cleaning methods. By assessing the condition of the lining system and pipe, potential issues can be identified, and appropriate actions can be taken to extend the system’s remaining useful life.

Current Status

On May 3rd and 4th, inspections and nondestructive testing were carried out on the Reach IV-B ductile iron section of the Brine Line. To facilitate this work, a complete shutdown of Reach IV-B and Reach V of the Brine Line was coordinated with our Member Agencies and dischargers. SAWPA operations staff conducted thorough line cleaning and CCTV inspections to collect data for condition assessment. Woodard & Curran, SAWPA’s consultant, is currently working on developing the Field Inspection Plan (FIP) for Reach IV, and field investigative work is tentatively scheduled for fall 2023.

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