Lucas Gilbert

Lucas Gilbert

Manager of Permitting and Pretreatment

Lucas Gilbert is SAWPA’s Manager of Permitting and Pretreatment and is responsible for implementation and oversight of the entire distributed Permitting and Pretreatment Program for the Inland Empire Brine Line. He oversees the permitting and regulation of dischargers to the Brine Line, development and preparation of proposed changes to policies and procedures to ensure SAWPA’s program complies with all Federal, State, and local discharge requirements, as well as coordination with Orange County Sanitation District and SAWPA member and contract agencies.

Lucas has over 20 years of experience in developing and managing pretreatment programs.  He joined SAWPA in 2014.

Lucas received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Indiana University and his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Animation from Ball State University.  He holds an Environmental Compliance Inspector Grade IV certification.

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